Posture Alignment & Massage Therapy

Posture Alignment Specialist 


Postural Alignment Therapy
Do you have chronic back pain, tight hips, headaches, TMJ, lifted shoulders, and/or bad posture?

I want you to be your change!  
     I am a certified postural alignment trainer, and  a licensed massage therapist. Allow me to help you optimize your posture, and relieve yourself of chronic pain.  My sessions will teach you how to improve your posture and how to apply it to your everyday life. My program of internal wellness and self awareness will strengthen your core, diaphragm, and back muscles to continuously & effortlessly enhance your posture.

 Let's get away from passive stretching and get into active stretching!

    This practice combines a type of diaphragm breathing, a variety of body alignment postures, and active release therapy to trigger all appropriate muscle groups during each motion.


Applicable to all body types and life styles to better your overall health. Also known as FITALIGN.



Why Posture Alignment?

It can help with


This practice will bring unknown awareness to your body and allow you to optimize your day to be pain free every day. 


Not feeling like you want to work out or finding not enough time in the day for your body? Let me show you a way to easily incorporate health active movements into your  everyday life style. 


Every breath we inhale oxygen and exhaling carbon dioxide, this is our lungs way of detoxification. If we don't breath properly CO2 can build up in our lungs causing shortness of breath. My practice of diaphragm breathing and active release therapy becomes the most natural way for your body to breath fully and detoxify in its highest and best 

Improving Posture 

No matter where you are, finding a moment to activate your core and become aware of yourself & your posture allows a mind body connection. Learning this practice you will be able to adjust your body posture to every situation and activity in your life. Creating this knowledge of your own bodies strength and development through touch and body resistance therapy allows a deeper respect for what our bodies are capable of. 

Weight Loss

Be your change! If you want to gain weight, sustain your weight, or loss weight this is the practice for you.  Its all about how we structure each work out tho optimize your best self! 


Relieve your stress through the concentration of your diaphragm breathing and the tangible awareness of your own body from head to toe. 



"Bettina was wonderful to work with. She was very knowledgeable and professional with her craft. She worked wonders on my body and really helped me to align myself both physically and mentally."

— Greg Chapman


Feeling as if you need a day to appreciate yourself and relax, or need someone to release a tight and achy muscle?

   Come enjoy a massage by me, Bettina.  As a Graduate from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, I specialize in Thai massage but also have expertise in Swedish massage, Tui-Na, Deep Tissue, and Reflexology. Compiling all my studies and gathered knowledge from each patient I then adapt each massage for personal perfection.

    Massage releases endorphins, which act as a pain reliever in the brain. Muscles that are tired, overused, or otherwise sore are able to relax and soften through massage. Massage can also help after a strong day at the gym to reduce soreness, aches and pains the next day.




Posture Alignment


90 minute session - $150

A practice of massage, diaphragm breathing, & resistance therapy.


First time client

90 minutes - $100

Body Work


Air - $100

A soft touch relaxing Swedish like massage


Water - $140

A Thai based table massage  

Fire - $160

structural alignment massage - a combination of modalities that I use to specifically target what's your body needs


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